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There’s nothing quite like taking a road trip with a friend. I love to hit the road and explore. I guess all those trips that we made with three little boys between Ohio and Manitoba didn’t quite get me my fill of the open road. Those trips are entirely another story.

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Over the past few years, I have had a consistent road trip partner. Rhonda (pictured with the “What a Jackass” scarf in Silky Sass) and I have shared a number of wonderful road trips.

Our first real trip was not meant for sight-seeing or vacationing. My son, Eric, was coming back to the Fort Drum, New York after a year-long US Army deployment to Bagram AiB, Afghanistan. Rod and Eric had worked the phones and internet during his last few weeks of deployment, and the result was an Ford F250 diesel pick-up truck that he purchased and would be driving while at Fort Drum. That truck had to make it from Buford, Georgia to upstate New York. I had to be at Fort Drum when he arrived back on American soil. It made sense to me that if the truck and I both had to get to Watertown, NY, we might as well go together.

Ready to hit the road in the F-250

I needed someone to share the drive with me and Rhonda was willing for the adventure. An adventure it was. You can read all about it on the final few pages of The Charm.

There could be no other trip that would match the drama and excitement that we had on our way to Fort Drum, but we keep on trying! Our junkets have taken us to Savannah, Southern Pines, Blowing Rock and DC. Somehow, we are always able to find a little adventure each time.

Rhonda makes the perfect travel buddy. Last fall, we experimented and invited Cece and Karla to join us for an overnight trip to Blowing Rock, North Carolina. We needed to test them out to see if they could hang with us. So – a one night drive into the mountains, with a stay at a slightly creepy but wonderfully nostalgic motel, followed by a drive down a southern portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway was a perfect audition. They passed. Barely.

I’m in the process of planning a few more road trips – possibly one to Manitoba this summer and a return visit to Washington, DC. There’s just something wonderful about the open road and a friend or two that make for finding some adventure.

Four Road Warriors




The adventure that we had getting the lame Jeep back from the airport on Saturday night stretched three and one-half hours into Sunday. Rod and I were both weary when we got to bed at 4:00. Only a few short hours later, I was up and sleepily ready to greet my guests to the morning.

Our plan for Sunday had been to drive the nearly five hour route to Savannah. It was looking as though we were going to need to adjust, since my previously trusty vehicle was in a state of disrepair. Rod, however, seemed determine that Mom, Lois and I would carry out our vacation according to previously stated plan! He had the Jeep to a mechanic on that Sunday morning, and by noon, complete with a new alternator, it was road worthy and we were packing our bags for a two night stay.

photo credit: kamonegi_jp via photopin cc

photo credit: kamonegi_jp via photopin cc

The drive from Buford to Savannah was uneventful, thankfully! In fact, early April is a wonderful time for this particular road trip. Though the city of Savannah is beautiful, and one of my personal favorite quick getaway spots, the drive there can be a little, well, humdrum. Not so at this time of year! Mom and Lois were treated to a show of dogwoods, azaleas and wisteria in the roadside woods. The day was sunny and warm, and we were in the Historic District by 5:30 or so.

As we drove, Lois and Mom read up on a little history of the once capital of Georgia from a little walking tour book that I had purchased on one of my trips, and brought along for reference. When we arrived, we drove around some of the streets in the city, and I pointed out the beautiful squares – full of blooming plants and historical markers and statues. I knew that Mom would love the sight of the Spanish Moss hanging from the Live Oak trees!

Live Oaks and Spanish Moss at Emmet Park, Savannah

Live Oaks and Spanish Moss at Emmet Park, Savannah

We didn’t stay long in our rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn. We were hungry and decided to have a seafood feast at Fiddler’s Crab House. They served up a wonderful shrimp and grits dinner for me. Mom and Lois weren’t daring enough to order grits! From our table, we were able to look out at the Savannah River and dined on our seafood dinner while an enormous freight ship passed by. Who knew what might be loaded on those hundreds of containers that would be off-loaded further upstream!

After a steep but short walk back to our hotel, we settled in for the night.

Monday was our day of discovery. The weather was sunny and warm – perfect for touring the city. We got some tickets on the Old Savannah Tours trolley, and by 10:30, we had embarked on a 90 minute round trip tour that took us past each of the 22 existing squares,  beautiful historic homes, and down the ever so bumpy River Street.

A very, very scary pirate!

A very, very scary pirate!

We even had visits from a bonafide pirate when we made a stop at the Pirate House, and from Governor Oglethorpe when we were on River Street! Tina, our driver and guide, shared fun stories and entertained us on our round trip.

The tour left us wanting to see more of the Owens Thomas House, and so we made our way there and toured the home built nearly two hundred years ago.

Owens Thomas House

Owens Thomas House

We also made a stop at Colonial Park Cemetery. Lois and I took plenty of pictures on our digital cameras to see if we would still have them later. Really! Several years ago, Andrew visited that cemetery and took dozens of pictures that later had mysteriously disappeared from the digital memory of the camera. There’s only one logical explanation for that. The ghosts took them! I guess the spirits were easy going last Monday, because Lois and I had our pics right where we put them.

Mom and Lois at Colonial Cemetery

Mom and Lois at Colonial Cemetery

We couldn’t be in Savannah without making a trip down River Street and to the home shop for River Street Sweets. Never, ever say no to a praline!

After a walk through City Market, we took a short rest at the hotel before going for dinner at Churchill’s Pub. Mom and Lois loved the bread pudding, and I loved the ghost stories! By the way, I’ve looked on your Facebook page, Churchill’s, and I don’t see the video of the ghost helping itself to the beer taps!



On Tuesday, we made a visit to Tybee Island. We combed the beach for seashells and gazed out over the Atlantic for a while. It’s mind boggling to imagine sailing across the tossing sea in a wooden ship not any longer than our house to come to a new settlement like Savannah!

Mom at Tybee Island

Mom at Tybee Island

Lois - collecting seashells at Tybee Island

Lois – collecting seashells at Tybee Island

From Tybee Island, we journeyed home. This time, we stayed off the interstate and drove through some of the little towns and villages between Savannah and Buford. It was a perfect day for travel.



Mom and Lois enjoyed seeing a different part of Georgia. I enjoyed seeing them see it. I especially enjoyed that the Jeep handled the trip very well, thank you.