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There’s nothing quite like taking a road trip with a friend. I love to hit the road and explore. I guess all those trips that we made with three little boys between Ohio and Manitoba didn’t quite get me my fill of the open road. Those trips are entirely another story.

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Over the past few years, I have had a consistent road trip partner. Rhonda (pictured with the “What a Jackass” scarf in Silky Sass) and I have shared a number of wonderful road trips.

Our first real trip was not meant for sight-seeing or vacationing. My son, Eric, was coming back to the Fort Drum, New York after a year-long US Army deployment to Bagram AiB, Afghanistan. Rod and Eric had worked the phones and internet during his last few weeks of deployment, and the result was an Ford F250 diesel pick-up truck that he purchased and would be driving while at Fort Drum. That truck had to make it from Buford, Georgia to upstate New York. I had to be at Fort Drum when he arrived back on American soil. It made sense to me that if the truck and I both had to get to Watertown, NY, we might as well go together.

Ready to hit the road in the F-250

I needed someone to share the drive with me and Rhonda was willing for the adventure. An adventure it was. You can read all about it on the final few pages of The Charm.

There could be no other trip that would match the drama and excitement that we had on our way to Fort Drum, but we keep on trying! Our junkets have taken us to Savannah, Southern Pines, Blowing Rock and DC. Somehow, we are always able to find a little adventure each time.

Rhonda makes the perfect travel buddy. Last fall, we experimented and invited Cece and Karla to join us for an overnight trip to Blowing Rock, North Carolina. We needed to test them out to see if they could hang with us. So – a one night drive into the mountains, with a stay at a slightly creepy but wonderfully nostalgic motel, followed by a drive down a southern portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway was a perfect audition. They passed. Barely.

I’m in the process of planning a few more road trips – possibly one to Manitoba this summer and a return visit to Washington, DC. There’s just something wonderful about the open road and a friend or two that make for finding some adventure.

Four Road Warriors



Aberdeen, North Carolina

For those of you who have read The Charm, you know that Rhonda is my fellow road warrior. During the time of my intermission, Rhonda and I have taken three road trips. Last July, on the last weekend before my return to work, she and I travelled to Aberdeen, North Carolina, to see our dear friend Kim. We returned to Aberdeen in April, along with one of Kim’s dearest friends, Nikki, to surprise Kim on her birthday.

Dubsmash Trio

Dubsmash Trio

I am proud to say that on our first trip, Rhonda and I got lost only once, and that delay only cost us a few minutes. What took us the longest time was navigating through a traffic circle just a few miles from our destination. The problem was not that we had never been in a traffic circle before, I had. I just had never been so confused, confounded and amused by one before.

The first problem was that Kim’s directions said to exit the circle at the third road and our navigation device said to exit on Midland Road. While I counted the possible exits, Rhonda read the directional signs. Our two methods did not coincide and we missed both the third exit and Midland Road. That did not present a major problem since we were on a traffic circle, after all, and simply ventured round the circle again. However, since we were on a circle, we rounded back to the same place, and once again missed both the third exit and Midland Road. Our second miss was mostly on account of my becoming somewhat whopper-jawed and had lost Rhonda and Kimsight of our original entrance point, thereby making it difficult to discern which of those dog-gone roads was the third! On our next time around, we were still in the center lane when we passed by Midland Road, and by the fourth roundabout, both Rhonda and I were totally discombobulated and were not even sure that we were in North Carolina. By that time, we were laughing to the point of tears, which made navigation even more daunting. As our hilarity and vertigo set firmly in, we were somehow able to ease into the right hand lane, make one more loop and finally take our exit onto Midland Road.

We convinced ourselves at the time that the people in the other cars, both those queuing up to enter the circle, and those playing merry-go-round with us, didn’t notice that we were taking more than our fair share of turns in the center circle. Thinking back on it now, they may have been wondering what on earth we were doing.

The remainder of our weekend was in a dizzying lineup of activity. We quenched our hunger and thirst, and dove deeply into Smule and Dubsmash. We tried out hairstyles at Kim’s shop: The Cottage of Hope, where Kim serves clients being treated for breast cancer. We shopped and went sight seeing, and talked and talked and talked and talked. It was a wonderful weekend. It was a perfect way to top off my summer vacation. It was too soon over, and Rhonda and I donned our new road warrior tank tops and set off for home.

Road Warriors

Road Warriors

We twirled around the traffic circle only twice on our departure. Just because.