About Lori

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Well, I waited and wished for a dear friend to write a bio for me, because I hate talking about myself. Sort of. I love to tell stories, and playing with words is a pastime for me, but writing glowing accolades of myself just feels a little bit too much like boasting.

So, without crowing too much:

I’m pretty much a typical baby boomer who has discovered the blogosphere, and think, for some reason, that folks might like to read what I create.

I grew up on a farm in southern Manitoba on the Canadian prairies, and ended up in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

I taught elementary regular and special education for quite a while until I switched gears and now work as a School Psychologist in middle and high schools.

I love a lot of things like reading, playing the piano, spending time at Lake Lanier, teaching parenting skills, posing fun questions at social gatherings, and keeping up with current events.

I’ve been known to engage in exotic activities such as curling and playing cribbage.

I would rather bake than cook, and though I don’t know why anyone would bother to bake anything that doesn’t include chocolate, I know how to take rhubarb to new heights (without adding chocolate to the mix).

I’ve made dill pickles and quilts!

Although I swore that Cleo would be the first and last dog that I had in my adult life,

Cleo - the dog that the boys begged for, and that I fell in love with.

Cleo – the dog that the boys begged for, and that I fell in love with.

I adore Dawson, my Boxer, and Tucker, the Shih Tzu!

Dawson - she thinks she's a lapdog!

Dawson – she thinks she’s a lapdog!

Tucker - he thinks he's a 90 pound guard dog!

Tucker – he thinks he’s a 90 pound guard dog!

I love all of my family, but especially my boys: Ian, Andrew and Eric, and particularly Rod!